Silk and Belt Roads - Colloquium 2018

August 17, 2018


Dear All
We are pleased to invite you to the Colloquium SILK AND BELT ROADS. The event is promoted by the Italian Scholars Association in China, by the Emerging Economies Committee of the Shanghai Society of World Economy and by the Innovation and Developments Center of Shanghai University.

Event is free of charge, please confirm your presence by email. 
Here below details.
Date: May 18th
Time: 9:00 - 12:30
Shanghai University, Xuehai Hall, Lehu New Building 2, North Gate Baoshan Campus, no. 716 Jingqiu Road, Shanghai
Speakers & Topics
Ivan Cardillo 
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, AAIIC Chairman
Topic: Introduction of the Scholars Association 

Stefano Beltrame 
General Consul of Italy in Shanghai
Topic: Relationship China-Italy along the Belt Road

Ulugbekov Azizbek
Consul of Uzbekistan in Shanghai
Topic: History and future of the Silk Road
Davide Cucino 
China-Italy Chamber Chairman
Topic: Maritime Silk Road
Carlo D'Andrea 
European Chamber in China Shanghai Chairman
Topic: Introduction on trade China-Europe
He Shuquan 
Shanghai Society of World Economy Secretary General
Shanghai University
Topic: Doing Business on the Belt Road
Lorenzo Riccardi 
Shanghai University
Topic: Afro-Eurasia Tax Planning
Yin Feng
Shanghai University
Topic: US-China Trade
Michele Geraci 
New York University
Topic: The Artic Road and other challenges for Europe

Maximilian Rech
ESSCA Director
Topic: Belt Road Economic Trends
Roberto Donà 
Topic: Opportunities on the Belt Road

Final remarks and coffee break

Topics and Speakers TBC



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