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In Hong Kong, talking about a journey to new geographies and economic trends

June 11, 2019



In Hong Kong, talking about a journey to new geographies and economic trends. 200-economies.com is a project focusing on the concept of G-200, an association dedicated to an ideal comprehensive group that includes all the countries and economies. Globalization has developed interactions between countries in terms of trade, finance, investments, diplomacy, and culture; G-200 is a project to promote the future change from G-20 to the global economy with investments to every developed, emerging and frontier country. Lorenzo Riccardi has been always fascinated by geo-economics and he has combined his passion for traveling new frontiers with the interest for emerging markets in a multi-journey project covering 200 countries and territories. A Grand Tour to new geographies, including Angola and Ethiopia where China is investing, South Pacific islands, where US is still predominant, East and West Europe divided between the influence of the top two powers, the Americas changing the roles of their economies and Asia, the fastest economic region. Sharing the passion for traveling and the interest in doing business (with China) in a global context. rsa-tax.com

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October 8, 2019

October 2, 2019

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