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Nigeria will be world's 3rd most populated country by 2050

Visiting Nigeria: Lagos is the largest city of Africa and Nigeria is the top economy of the continent. Lagos' GDP is equivalent to a third of Nigeria and significantly bigger than that of the whole of Kenya, one of east Africa’s most dynamic economy, with a nominal per capita income of more than USD 5,000, more than double the Nigerian average. China’s top African investments are located in Nigeria and in Lagos region, with railway projects amounting more than USD 20 billions. A leading economy in West Africa, with approximately 190 million inhabitants, Nigeria accounts for half of West Africa’s population, and has one of the largest population of youth in the world. Nigeria is projected to overtake the United States and become the third most populous country in the world shortly before 2050. A federation that consists of 36 autonomous states, Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse society. With an abundance of resources, it is Africa’s biggest oil exporter, and also has the largest natural gas reserves on the continent.

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