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In Trinidad and Tobago I completed my journey to all sovereign nations of the world

On 3rd January 2020 I arrived in Trinidad and Tobago, completing my journey to all sovereign nations of the world. I've combined my passion for traveling new frontiers with interest in emerging markets in multiple tours covering all 193 member states of the United Nations. I have chosen this final destination for several reasons: Trinidad and Tobago is rich of different cultures and ethnicities and has the third-highest GDP per capita in the Americas after the US and Canada. The country, an oil-driven economy in the Caribbean, is a Belt Road member and a long term ally of Beijing in the area, representing the new attraction of West for the Far East. Traveling to different regions grants a better understanding of the global development, and the relations between super-powers can be perceived in the under-developed countries of central Africa or through micro-states of South Pacific and Caribbean. My travel project and my view have a different direction: from East to West as the first journey to every country starting from Shanghai that by itself is representing the new world and the that I visited during these years.


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