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Guyana and Suriname along the Belt Road

Guyana and Suriname signed a Belt Road MoU with China in 2018. Beijing is promoting South-South relations with Latin America and the Caribbean that was one of the most influenced regions by the US during previous years. The interest of big powers in this area is also related to recent giant oil and gas findings. 200-economies.comSuriname and China are embarking on some major infrastructure projects to boost aviation and tourism. Suriname will modernize Johan Pengel Airport, and the two countries are working on an air agreement to connect Paramaribo by air to China and the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America. The president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, and the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, met in Paramaribo in July 2018 to sign BRI agreement. Guyana and China signed agreements on economic and technological cooperation in Georgetown in September 2018 focusing on funding the constructions of roads and harbors. Beijing has already made available over USD 50 billion in funds for Latin America and the Caribbean.


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