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The Old Dragon's Head in Hebei

In Hebei province, in front of the Old Dragon’s Head in Shanhaiguan where the Great Wall meets the sea. Hebei is a coastal province in northern China, which entirely surrounds the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin. A population of more than 75 million people and a GDP of 504 USD billion. in 2019 the province had a GDP growth of 6.8% according to China National Bureau of Statistics and the key economy is the primary sector, in particular in the agricultural, forestry and zootechnical fields. The tertiary sector is mainly driven by tourism: the cities offer numerous cultural sites belonging to the imperial era that attract tourists from all over the world, among which stands out Shanhaiguan, one of the first passes that make up the Great Wall. Well-known is the location where the wall meets the Bohai sea, the so-called "Old Dragon's Head”.


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